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We are located in the landmark Starrett Lehigh building
601 West 26th Street, Suite 1255, New York, NY 10001

Modern Art Conservation

Conservation, Restoration, and Preservation
of Modern and Contemporary Art


Modern Art Conservation (MAC), a leading professional studio located in Manhattan’s Chelsea gallery district, offers a specialized combination of craftsmanship, scientific and technical skills, an understanding of the art market, and collection care services. The studio focuses on examination and treatment, technical research, educating future conservators, collaborating with living artists, and developing new conservation techniques. MAC primarily examines and treats traditional 19th-century, Impressionist, Modern, Post-War, and Contemporary paintings and mixed media works.

MAC’s team of specialists excels in technical abilities, problem-solving, analytical capabilities, art connoisseurship, and professionalism. The team has a demonstrated ability to meet deadlines, carry out aesthetically appropriate treatments, make recommendations for preventive care, and bring both traditional and cutting-edge techniques to  treatments while adhering to the profession’s code of ethics.

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MAC occupies 10,000 sq. ft in two large spaces at the Starrett Lehigh Building in Chelsea. Our studios were specifically designed for conservation treatment and examination of paintings and objects. The studios are outfitted with dedicated art storage, private viewing areas, and bright open areas for treatment, and can easily accommodate oversized artworks. The studios are climate-controlled with dedicated central air/heat and humidification, have central station alarms and surveillance security, and include secure lockable storage areas for works in our care. Staying aligned with museum labs, we maintain the latest conservation equipment necessary for treatment and examination. Our flexible and multifunctional spaces can be adapted to a variety of projects.

  • Examination and condition reports for exhibition, loan, and purchase

  • Treatment of modern and contemporary paintings and objects both in-studio and on-site

  • Preventive care to ensure an artwork’s continued stability

  • Technical studies and research

  • Disaster and emergency response

  • Insurance condition evaluations and damage reports

  • Collection surveys and maintenance

  • Storage and handling assessments and recommendations

  • Artist consultations and collaborations

  • Training and lectures on conservation issues

  • Courier for works in transit

  • Remote/Virtual condition examinations and reports

Condition Reports: Auctions, Art Fairs, and Private Sales


MAC’s condition reports provide objective observations and opinions regarding the state of health of an artwork. Our expert and concise condition reports are a key component of a transaction for both the buyer and seller and can lead to expeditious sales.


MAC’s team will examine works at auction prior to and during the sale seasons, at art fairs, and for private sales. We provide written condition reports or, in the interest of time, verbal condition assessments. We also can provide expert advice on installation, packing, and collections care.


Works can be examined in art warehouses, residences, or in our studio. MAC also has an extensive network of highly trained colleagues who can carry out examinations in locations throughout the US and abroad with the final report generated by MAC.

For safety and logistical reasons, MAC also offers remote condition reports. This is coordinated with gallery personel or art handlers who can examine the work with MAC's guidance. providing images and information that allow MAC's conservators to generate a detailed report.

MAC at work

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Each artwork is carefully examined in the studio or on-site. A written condition report is prepared and, if treatment is deemed warranted, a treatment proposal is submitted. If treatment is to be undertaken, the process begins with research and testing to more accurately assess condition and devise a safe and appropriate course of treatment. Each step is documented in writing and digital images are taken at key stages of the treatment. A final detailed report is provided to the client. Images and After Treatment Condition Reports are provided upon request.

Broad, non-binding estimates may sometimes be possible from images but a precise estimate can only be provided after the work is examined by a conservator. Send inquiries to

Estimates are based on time, location (in-studio or onsite), exhibition/auction/travel deadlines, and level of expertise required for each project.​ New clients are asked to provide credit card information to keep on file.

Standard Terms and Conditions


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We are committed to highly personalized, discreet client relationships and to ensuring the most informed collecting and maintenance of modern and contemporary art. Our clientele include major private and corporate collections, museums, galleries, private dealers, auction houses, art advisors, insurance companies, appraisal firms, foundations, trusts, and artists. Projects range from an individual artwork to large collections and exhibitions.

By working with Modern Art Conservation, a gallery or private dealer can provide potential buyers with expert information about the condition of an artwork and collectors can enter into a purchase aware of what maintaining a particular work of art entails. Examination can be carried out on-site at a gallery or collector’s home or in our studio in Chelsea. Our conservators are available before and during art fairs and auctions to provide technical information and objective condition assessments.

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