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Of Value: 2023 AAA National Conference

8 November 2023


New York City

Appraiser's Association of America

Contextualizing Condition: Andy Warhol, Joan Mitchell, and Jean-Michel Basquiat

Speaker: Suzanne Siano, Owner & Chief Conservator, Modern Art Conservation;


Sponsored by Cocjhran Arts

FINE art salon

2 February 2023

Gallagher Lounge

New York City

First Fine Art Insurance Salon Talk hosted by Gallagher and AXA XL

Dialogue on New Paths:

Collaboration and advancements in the field of art conservation and conservation science

Speakers: Suzanne Siano, Owner & Chief Conservator, Modern Art Conservation;
Nica Guttman Rieppi, Managing Director, Art Discovery


Moderated by Vivian Ebersman, Fine Art Consultant AXA XL


4 December 2020


Art Basel Miami hosted by Chubb

Navigate the Virtual Art World: Ways to Build and Protect Your Collection

As art fairs and auctions shift online, collectors may find themselves acquiring works "sight unseen". Erica Barris from EAB Fine Art Services, Irene Kim from Art Basel, and Suzanne Siano from Modern Art Conservation discuss the importance of due diligence, mitigating risks if buying artwork remotely, and navigating the changing landscape of the art world.

Moderated by Laura Doyle, Vice President, Art, Jewelry & Valuable Collections Manager at Chubb


8 October 2020


Collect Art Online with Confidence: Live Webinar and Discussion

Hear from a panel of art-world experts, including an auction specialist, an art advisor, and a conservator, moderated by Artsy’s Senior Director of auctions and institutions, Liz Luna.

What we’ll cover:
  • The first steps to take when buying art online

  • How to evaluate artwork prices

  • The difference between authenticity and condition

  • How traditional art-world roles have shifted during COVID-19

  • Your questions, answered live

Speakers: Suzanne Siano, Owner & Chief Conservator, Modern Art Conservation; Courtney Kremers, Senior Auction Specialist in Post-War & Contemporary Art, Sotheby's; Ray Waterhouse, Art Advisor & Dealer, Fine Art Brokers and Waterhouse & Dodd


Moderator: Liz Luna, Senior Director, Auctions & Institutions, Artsy

appraisers association of America Art Law Day

6 November 2020


Changes, Challenges and Opportunities: Shift to Transacting Primarily in a Digital Space


This panel will address cutting edge issues that have arisen as the art market shifts to a more predominantly digital space. Our expert panel will focus on intellectual property and artist rights issues, auctions, contracts, inspections, and the increased risk of fraud in this changing marketplace, and provide insight to the question: "What do we, as buyers and sellers, need to know to protect ourselves in this new environment?"

Speakers: Suzanne Siano, Founder & Chief Conservator, Modern Art Conservation; Stephanie Alexis, Senior Vice President, Sotheby's; Amelia Brankov, Counsel, Frankfurt Kurnit Klein & Selz


Moderators: Steve Schindler, Moderator, Founding Partner, Schindler Cohen & Hochman LLP; Elizabeth von Habsburg, AAA, Moderator, Managing Director, Winston Art Group

APAA Due Diligence SYMPOSIUM: Andy Warhol

24 January 2020


New York City

Andy Warhol: A Case Study in Preserving an Artist’s Legacy


The APAA (Association of Professional Art Advisors) held their second due diligence symposium, with a focus on Andy Warhol and preserving an artist’s legacy. Presenters included Vincent Fremont, Warhol's business manager and colleague; Jessica Beck, Milton Fine Art Curator, The Andy Warhol Museum; Suzanne Siano, Chief Conservator and Director, Modern Art Conservation; Cynthia Sachs, Chief Investment Officer, Athena Art Finance; Lindsay Griffith, Specialist — International Head of Contemporary Editions, Christie’s; and Kathryn Widing, Specialist — Post-War and Contemporary Art, Christie’s. Sponsored by Christie's and Athena Art Finance.

Suzanne lectured on Warhol's process and the preservation of his work. As one of the top conservators of Warhol's paintings, Suzanne brings a wealth of knowledge regarding Warhol's materials, techniques, innovations, and conservation challenges.


5 December 2019

W Hotel South Beach


As part of Miami Art Week, ARTnews hosted a dinner at the W South Beach with Lisa Schiff, founder of SFA Advisory and eyewear brand ONE, ALL, EVERY, to celebrate its Winter 2020 issue, titled “Deciders,” guest edited by art collector, philanthropist, and music producer Kasseem “Swizz Beatz” Dean.

Hosts: Swizz Beatz and Lisa Schiff

Sponsors: Modern Art Conservation, The Surf Lodge, W South Beach, And Partners Design, Truly Hard Seltzer, and Hub International Limited

Art Business Conference

9 April 2019

Bohemian National Hall

New York City

The Art Business Conference was a one-day conference for art market professionals. If you’re involved in buying, selling or caring for fine art or antiques — whether you are a gallery owner, manager, art advisor, auctioneer, private collector, or professional advisor, this conference explored the key issues affecting the international art market today. Through presentations, Q&As, panel discussions, and workshops, industry experts shared advice and insights on many of the key factors in running an art business or collection — including the latest updates in legislation and taxation.


Speaker: Suzanne Siano


Conservation, Damage, and Coverage — Healthy, Wealthy and Wise: Conservation of contemporary art is often covered by fine art insurance. Discover how conservators use cutting edge techniques to restore contemporary art and learn how to optimize coverage after a minor bump or catastrophe. 


Speakers: Suzanne Siano (Modern Art Conservation), Natasha Fekula (AXA XL) & Wendy Lindstrom (Mazzola Lindstrom), moderated by Sarah Douglas (ARTnews)

Art in America Live

4 March 2019

Gramercy Park Hotel

New York City

In celebration of The Armory Show’s 25th anniversary, Art in America launched its Art in America Live series with a historic conversation hosted by Eric Shiner, Domenick Ammirati, Lia Gangitano, and Nicole Klagsbrun highlighting the lasting influences of the fair's founding gallerists Colin de Land, Pat Hearn, Matthew Marks, and Paul Morris.


Speakers: Eric Shiner, Domenick Ammirati, Lia Gangitano, and Nicole Klagsbrun

Sponsors: Modern Art Conservation, Gramercy Park Hotel, The Armory Show, VF Global Insurance

Yale Summer teachers institute in technical art history

2 August 2018

Yale University

New Haven

Conversation, The Artist as Explorer and Exploiter of Traditional and New Materials: Redefining the Conservator’s Role


A conversation between artist Dan Colen and Suzanne Siano, Director and Chief Conservator, Modern Art Conservation, New York.

Presented in conjunction with the Summer Teachers Institute in Technical Art History at Yale.


Speakers: Dan Colen and Suzanne Siano

Click "View More" for the full talk on YouTube

Sotheby's Institute of art

8 May 2018


New York City

The Valuation of Fine Art: Damage and Loss Cases — the necessity of specialized categories of expertise


The valuation of fine art and design for the purpose of damage/loss appraisal reports is a delicate matter composed of numerous voices within tiers of the art trade community. Choosing the right candidate to write a comprehensive valuation report and selecting the appropriate conservator/restorer impacts greatly on the final outcome of valuation and/or re-introduction of a compromised work within the art market. To address these questions supported by case studies, SIA Fine and Decorative Art and Design MA director has invited Laura Doyle, vice-president, collections managers for Chubb Group of Insurance Companies, Sylvia Falcón, a specialist in the valuation of damaged works of art and artifacts with a long career in litigation support and experience as a government expert witness and Suzanne Siano, expert conservator of 20th century and contemporary easel paintings.

appraisers association of America

28 March 2018

Modern Art Conservation

New York City

Debating Damage & Loss: Contemporary Paintings


One of the most challenging aspects of appraising a damaged artwork for the independent appraiser is establishing the loss of value without the benefit of another colleague to act as your sounding board. This session, part of a three-part series, will serve as an open forum for you to make sure you’ve covered all your bases when defending your argument for loss. Hosted by Jennifer Garland Ross, AAA, and Emily Thompson, AAA, each afternoon will focus on one specific period and medium, with a special guest appraiser working in that discipline. The group will meet at Modern Art Conservation, where Shauna Young, Senior Conservator, and the MAC team will demonstrate various treatments and conservation issues specific to contemporary paintings done in oil or acrylic on canvas. You will see some of the typical damages and hear the conservators' considerations and processes for conservation.

Hosted by Deborah Spanierman, AAA Appraiser and past President of AAA.

Winter Antiques ShoW

23 January 2017

Park Avenue Armory

New York City

Panel Discussion hosted by Chubb: Out of the Box Art


This panel will consider the appraisal and conservation of rare and unusual works of art.


This well-versed panel of industry experts will examine the intricate process of valuing and conserving “outside the box” artwork and objects. Topics will include artist studios and site-specific works, comparing the process of these unique works to the valuation of more traditional media, and the complex issues faced by conservators when treating these pieces.



Christopher Gaillard, Appraiser, and Deputy Chairman, Gurr Johns, Inc.

Emily Thompson, Fine Art Specialist, Emigrant Bank Fine Art Finance

Suzanne Siano, Conservator, Modern Art Conservation

Ninth Annual Art Litigation and Dispute Resolution Practice Institute

18 November 2017

New York City

Money Power Beauty: Framing the Value Issue in Fine Art and Collectible Losses


A special program by New York County Lawyers Association, which brings together a diverse roster of speakers ranging from artists, art consultants, appraisers, members of the bench, bar, museums, art galleries, auction houses, to government officials and members of non-profit organizations as they discuss the most relevant legal issues affecting the art world today.

Moderator: Hon. Stephen Crane (Ret.)



Elin Lake-Ewald, Ph.D., ASA, FRICS, Certified Mediator, O’Toole-Ewald Art Associates, Inc.

Shauna Young, Modern Art Conservation

Dennis Wade, Wade Clark Mulcahy

appraisers association of america

1 April 2016

Herrick, Feinstein LLP

New York City

Damage & Loss: Who and What You Need to Know


Damage and loss appraisals can be challenging for even the most seasoned appraisers. Having many more moving parts and problems to solve, damage and loss appraisals often also involve insurance adjusters and conservators to prepare a report that can be relied upon by all parties. This program will explore these interesting puzzles from all perspectives and include case studies. Each of the speakers will also discuss how best appraisers can work with members of their profession.

Deborah Gerstler Spanierman, AAA, DGS Fine Art Consultants, Inc., President of AAA


Betty Krulik, AAA, Betty Krulik Fine Art, Limited, Appraiser and past President of AAA

Claire Marmion, Adjuster, Haven Art Group

Suzanne Siano, Chief Conservator and Director, Modern Art Conservation

Alan Lyons, Attorney, Herrick, Feinstein LLP 

IS IT REAL? at neuehouse

7 May 2015

New York City


Is It Real? takes you behind the curtain of the art world to examine the role science is playing in authenticating art. Whether works of art are "right" or "wrong" has significant consequences in today's art market with potentially billions of dollars at stake. More forgeries appear on the art market every day, with complex legal cases making headlines. Is It Real? will give the audience a first hand look at what happens when the worlds of art and science collide. Masterful works by Basquiat(?), Warhol(?), Pollock(?), and Haring(?), will be on view for you to decide what's real and what isn't. 

Brian Kerr and Michael Spencer of the art law firm Spencer Kerr LLP, hosted a landmark event bringing leading experts: art consultant Joyce Varvatos, art expert Tod Volpe, science analyst Nica Gutman Rieppi, conservator Suzanne Siano and legal professor Judith Prowda together to discuss dramatic changes in the art arena. The art market is the second largest unregulated business in the world moving billions of dollars globally as prices soar (300 million for a Gauguin) so are the opportunities for fraud. As leaders in their respective fields, a lively dialogue ensued about ways to access new and more reliable approaches to buying, selling and investing in art.


Suzanne SianoTod Volpe; Nica Gutman Rieppi; Judith Prowda; Joyce Varvatos


20 April 2015

New York City


Legal Issues Facing Conservators


Exploring legal issues and concerns for conservators: liability, contracts, damage and loss, insurance, and authentication.



Dean R. Nicyper, Withers Bergman LLP



Suzanne Siano, Modern Art Conservation

Suyeon Kim, Fine Art Conservation Group LLC

Gloria Velandia-Ludmer, GV Art Conservation

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