About us

The MAC team includes seven program trained paintings conservators, an independent objects conservator, a conservation coordinator/registrar, a photographer, two conservation technicians, and a financial manager, all with a particular expertise and interest in modern and contemporary art. Our specialization in modern and contemporary art developed in response to the wide range and unpredictable properties of materials used by artists. We collaborate with museum and private conservators of sculpture, paper, photo, and textiles to fulfill the interdisciplinary needs of modern and contemporary collections. We work closely with framers, shippers, fine art photographers, appraisers, adjusters, insurers, scientists, registrars, and researchers to assist our clients throughout the conservation process. We are also a technical resource for artists, working together in both the restoration of damaged works and problem solving in the production of new works.

Suzanne BW small.jpg
Suzanne Siano
Chief Conservator & Director
Shauna Work Portrait1.JPG
Shauna Young
Senior Conservator
Pam BW small.jpg
Pamela Johnson
ASSOCIATE Conservator
Amiel BW small.jpg
Amiel Clarke
ASSOCIATE Conservator
Annika Finne
Ersang BW small_edited.jpg
Ersang Ma
Martha Singer
Objects Conservator
Melissa BW small.jpg
Melissa Curley
conservation Photographer & Studio manager
TS headshot.jpeg
Tyler Squires
Donn BW small.jpg
Donn Davis
Conservation Technician & Preparator
Scott BW small.jpg
Scott Ferguson
Conservation technician & Researcher